We’ll find out together what this is all about . . .

Cooking is my art, my creative expression and how I feed myself, my family and my friends the most delicious food in the world.  It is a theme that runs through my life and I finally realized exactly how I want to write about it!

I have set myself a goal of writing a new entry for my blog once a week.  I’m amazed at how many people have revealed their own love of cooking and some really great stories about cooking and food just in the past few days since I started talking about doing a blog.  So I would love it if you shared your stories here too.

Much of the “about me” kind of information will be found in my blog and I hope you’ll read it to get the full flavor!

2 thoughts on “We’ll find out together what this is all about . . .

  1. Good morning Patty, I was thinking about your Wine Cookies do you think that may have been dark corn syrup used instead of molasses? Seems the molasses could overpower any wine flavor. Don’t ever remember any recipe for those cookies at our house, we usually got together at Thanksgiving and your mother served sauerkraut.

    Have fun with your blog. Cousin Gretta

    • Good Morning Gretta! Yes it is possible it was corn syrup. I’m going to experiment until I get a wine cookie that is closest to what I remember and then I’ll share that recipe! Thanksgivings together were always adventurous and fun! I could certainly blog more about those . . .

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