Meet Lars

You’ve probably noticed Lars up there in the banner.  He came on board about two Christmases ago to join us in the kitchen.  When I say “us” I mean me, Claude whom you’ve met earlier (, my husband and of course, now Lars.

At first it was unclear if Lars was a boy or a girl.  I was all set to call him/her Daffnyette until I realized that this little ducky is really all decked out.  Check out the chef’s hat and frock and the utensils!  Usually the more colorful of a species is the male, so “Lars” it is.

Lars doesn’t do much, but he makes a cute model for my banner photo.  Of course you can’t tell by looking at the photo but Lars actually doesn’t float so that makes him a disabled rubber ducky.  Similar to Apple Blossom, my turquoise blue stuffed dog.  When I was a girl, there was a dog show at my local park.  Newly stuffed, stitched and sporting brand new eyes and lips designed by me, I entered AB into the show.  She won the blue ribbon for “Best Behaved Dog.”  Her handicapped status of being stuffed didn’t stop her even though she was the only dog there with a handicap.

So how is it that I am writing about these characters in my cooking blog?  The answer is simple.  I have always enjoyed “people” like Lars and Claude.  Lars agrees.  He says, “Människor med “The Spirit of Play” är min typ av människor!”  (Sorry, Lars only speaks Swedish and I don’t, but I’m learning.  I know “manniskor” means “people,” if that helps!)

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