The Hunger Games – Not Exactly a “Foodie Movie”

I love movies that include a food and cooking theme!  Just ask my husband.  He’ll tell you about my food-and-cooking movie recommendations:  Ratattouie, Pieces of April, No Reservations, Chocolat, Like Water for Chocolate, etc.  There are lots more than these.

And having not gone to any movies in an actual movie theater for some months, I thought the movie The Hunger Games would be great to see.  And it was!  But not because it fits right in with the other food-and-cooking movies.  Not at all.

We did go see The Hunger Games a couple weeks ago and really loved it and I wanted to write about it.  It’s just not a “fit” for this blog though.  After all, even though I often write all over the map in terms of subjects, in my twisted universe the posts somehow fit in.  But what I loved about The Hunger Games is something I thought deserved its own venue.

So I invite you to check out a new blog I created for just this sort of not-really-related-to-food-and cooking-but-I still-have-an-opinion-about-it-and-after-all-why-shouldn’t-I-express-that topic.  The blog is called “That’s Just Me . . . What Do You Think?” and it can be found at  The link is conveniently located to your right in the “good writers” category.  (I know that is shameless self-promotion.)  I also published a review of this movie in Street Articles called, “The Hunger Games:  Ten Reasons I Liked This Movie.”  You can link to that from the That’s Just Me . . . blog.

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