Fifty-two FDA Approved Ingredients

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Just saw this Tweet from Christopher Kimball of America’s Test Kitchen!  Mark Bittman (New York Times) wrote an article about 52 FDA Approved Ingredients for processing foods.  OMG!  I’m sending this as a follow up to some of my previous posts and and

This would be more appropriate for a quick Facebook post (which I will do) but . . . if you care about what is being approved to put in food (think restaurants and when you  are traveling and can’t eat at home) I think it is worth reading through this.  Here’s the link:

We can’t just look out for ourselves and our families.  It is important to consider our society and our future (children) and stand up for what is right.  I don’t have a clue what most of the things in this FDA document are, but I know they aren’t “food.”  I know that I am not going to use things in my own kitchen that contain these products or that have been exposed to these products in processing (hopefully).

But I also know that my family and I, and others who are conscientious about choosing organic, whole foods, are nevertheless a part of a society and a world and that we have a responsibility to ensure our future generations have the best opportunities possible so they can flourish and prosper and so our planet can flourish and prosper.

Please contribute your ideas on what should be done.

2 thoughts on “Fifty-two FDA Approved Ingredients

  1. Well, in a perfect world where people would understand my thoughts and not get bent out of shape, I’d say ladies, stay home with your children and cook for them…..but…..the key is education. People need to be taught what’s on store shelves isn’t really food but products that have some original food that has been highly processed with lots of chemicals added that is making them sick. But how to get people to listen is the hard part. There are so many people out there that just don’t WANT to know….they want eating to be an easy part of their lives. If we could get through to those people, we’d be able to stand up to the FDA. But right now there are more of them then there are of us who have done the research and are cooking the old fashioned way with REAL food.

    • I’m totally with you and thank for stating your point about raising kids. And I am also a Mom who stayed home to raise my children and cook for them. Today they are grown and healthy and well-educated on the subject of what is real food and what isn’t. (I’m very proud of them!) I consider children to be the key to the future of society, so old fashioned as it may seem, it was 100% worth it to stay home and raise them. Let’s keep putting the message out there about REAL food!

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