How Do You Talk to No One

How do you talk to no one

When you’re trying to talk to someone?

Are you talking to yourself, as if writing a journal,

All the while intending for someone to pick it up and read?

Or do you imagine there is a mob of people

Patiently waiting, listening, for your every word?

Are you writing to someone in particular?

A friend, or dare you think, a fan?

Or maybe you envision sitting down for coffee and

Exchanging an intimate chat with someone you trust.

Only they do all the listening and you have to do

All the talking.

How courageous you are to speak into the silence,

To pour your heart out, to teach your lessons.

You reveal yourself in front of everyone and no one

As you discover what it is you had to say.

Mentor and pupil, writer and reader, you carry both ends

Of a conversation you trust you are having.

Hello out there!

Hello out there!

4 thoughts on “How Do You Talk to No One

  1. So true and nicely said. I often wonder if I’m writing for an audience of one (at worst) or for those already onside with healthy eating (at best). I imagine many of us wonder whether what we are doing is worthwhile. I bet the stats link gets the most hits of anything on WordPress as we look for vindication!

    • Thanks, Vinny, and I bet you’re right about the stats link! I think the nature of writing for a blog is so unique. Wondrous and scary at the same time. I love it and I sure do appreciate your encouraging comment!

  2. Kate, thank you so much for the warm compliments and acknowledgement! I often think of you when I’m writing! I’ve pulled out your guest blog contribution and we will just need a couple more things to put it together for your first guest appearance!

  3. Wow, this is poetry!


    You are writing for me- keep it up.

    Your Blogs are fresh air in a fog of pollution.

    I love them.

    Not just because you are a friend and I know your stories are real and heartfelt but, as an avid reader, they inspire me and they make me laugh.

    Keep writing for yourself and me and anyone else you feel wants a slice of life (or pie)from Patty’s kitchen!

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