My Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool!

My mother was never reticent about accepting a compliment or a gift. She set an excellent example of how one can be sincerely gracious when receiving a compliment and enjoy the acknowledgement fully. And I’m the same way.

If you tell me I done good, I’m not going to say, “Oh! No no no, really it was nothing.” And I’m not going to pump for more, saying “Do you really think  so? I was trying but I didn’t know if I really accomplished anything.”

I’m going to say “Thank you so much!”

And I’m going to enjoy the hell out of the compliment given! Do not confuse this attitude with one of ‘doing something with the hope and intention of getting someone to acknowledge.’ Not the same at all.

All of which is a long introduction to saying thank you to my blogging friend, Debra, for acknowledging me and my blogging.  Debra recently awarded me the “Versatile Blogger Award” and yesterday she also conferred upon me the “Shine On Award.”

I recently found Debra’s blog, Mauldinfamily1, and we have been mutually admiring each other’s posts on a regular basis. And honestly, Debra, I have read some of your short fictional tidbits and some of your poetry and you have the ability to draw me right in to whatever you are creating!

I have also found some awesome bloggers to follow via Debra and she has a knack for finding fine, interesting bloggers.

So on to the business at hand! It is my turn to do the nominatin’ and awarding.

The Shine On Award

The Shine On Award

Let’s start with the Shine on Award.  This award asks for seven things about myself and 5-10 nominations.  And of course you also link to the blogger who awarded you, just as I’ve done.  Here we go:

  1. I’m an east coast girl at heart.
  2. I’d like to live in Italy.
  3. I’d also like to live in Maine.
  4. My favorite color is red and always has been.
  5. I’m lazy as all get out.
  6. I recently learned metric measurements for cooking.
  7. I fancy myself to have a Scottish ancestry. True there is some Scottish but it’s not the primary heritage–just the one I relate to the strongest.

(Now pretend we’re at the Oscars) Ahem! And the nominations are . . .

  1. Human Rights Warrior
  2. British Food: A History
  3. The Fantastical Voyages of Flat Kathy
  4. Cindyknoke
  5. Afroculinaria

Actually the “nominations” are all winners because I said so!

Now, let’s take a look at the Versatile Blogger Award. Hmmmm. What does “versatile” mean?

Ver-sa-tile – Adjective

1. Able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities: “a versatile saw”.

2. Changeable; inconstant.

Okay, so the first definition seems complimentary.  The second is not necessarily if you’re saying something or someone is “inconstant.” But I am going to take the first definition here and see if I can nominate some bloggers who have demonstrated variety and ability to adapt their basic blog theme or purpose broadly.

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Yikes! Another seven things about meeeee?  (Plus 15 nominations and of course a link to the blogger–Mauldinfamily1–who nominated me.) Okay then here goes:

  1. In the past four years I lost 97 pounds.
  2. I am confident I can handle anything life throws at me and come out on top.
  3. My nickname used to be “Peaches” but now I don’t seem to have any nickname and I really don’t want one either.
  4. I am 100% against psychiatry and also psychiatric drugging.
  5. I think everyone should know their thirty human rights as laid out in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  6. I have at least three Christmas decorations that remain on display in my home all year.
  7. I have three of the most wonderful sons any mother could ask for.

And (drumroll please) the first five nominees are:

  1. Cook Up a Story
  2. Domestic Diva
  3. Fig and Quince
  4. Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy
  5. Displaced Beachbums

When I find the next five nominees I will announce them.  For now, these are my choices and I hope you’ll visit them soon! Congratulations to all and again, thank you Debra for nominating me.

(Stay tuned – I am very close to starting my own idea of an excellent award to acknowledge favorite bloggers!)

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