Claude Mouse Got Some Fan Mail!

Our little French friend Claude seems to have gotten some fan mail from a Mr. Qodfish Jones!

Check it out —-

???????????????????????????????Bonjour Mes Amis!  Eet eez me, Claude Mouse, and I have received la surprise la plus merveilleuse. Eet eez a letter from a fan! Eemagine that? Il est étonnant—amazing eez your Eenglish word! I am honored and besides, theez guy eez très comique! I hope you enjoy reading eet.

5 thoughts on “Claude Mouse Got Some Fan Mail!

  1. Zee Claude! I have forgotten about Zee Claude! It is so funny, Patty, I met you and a lady from France the same week and got extremely confused as to who “belonged” to Claude. Will scurry like a mouse over to visit his site.

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