Parking Lot Tuna

Today’s WordPress Daily Prompt asks: How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

Tuna Sandwich

(Photo credit: Dave Lifson)

It took no reasoning whatsoever to decide now is a good time to tell the “Tuna Fish Sandwich in the Parking Lot” story. It is pure gut. (pun intended!)

One of my boys was in the Scouts. One Friday after school, we got him all packed up for a weekend camping trip somewhere and he asked me to make him a tuna fish sandwich for dinner on the road that night. I did that, packed it in a little lunch cooler and off we went to the designated church parking lot where his troop and the vans were waiting. We wrestled with all his equipment and got it all stashed into a van and off they went.

It was a lovely warm Georgia evening and a very hot, sunny weekend was predicted.

The weekend passed and Sunday afternoon I got a call from my son who was all excited when he told me, “Mom! You’ll never guess what happened! I forgot my dinner Friday and when we got back it was still there in the parking lot and it still tasted okay.”

Instant panic mode! It had been in the mid-90’s all weekend. I picked him up and was relieved to see he wasn’t vomitting all over the church parking lot. Instead, he was just so darned excited that the sandwich was still there when he got back. Me, all I could think about was rushing to the hospital to treat his severe food poisoning.

I took immediate action and I had great certainty in what I was doing. I grabbed my Super Blue Green Acidophilus and started emptying the capsules into water. He drank ten to a glass every half hour for two hours. Then we went to his soccer game and he was just fine.

I knew that live acidophilus produces a very strong antibiotic called “acidophilin.” This is a natural antibiotic and just one of the benefits of eating acidophilus. I also knew that Super Blue Green acidophilus was of a quality I could count on—that it had real acidophilus and the acidophilus would be live. And each capsule also has some Super Blue Green algae in it. These little live good bacteria carried their own lunch box of wild edible microalgae packed full of minerals and protein so they tended to be strong and powerful bacteria.

I have used this acidophilus and the other Super Blue Green Algae products for thirty years and I know what they can accomplish for one’s health and nutrition. If you would like to know more, read my page, “My Secret Weapon.

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9 thoughts on “Parking Lot Tuna

  1. I bet those capsules and water were a lot more reasonably priced than the overall cost of the emergency room visit too. Smart thinking mom…great save of the day…thank you for sharing and for the ping back.

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