And Now For a Word from Our Sponsor

Have you seen the little YouTube screens at the end of some people’s blogs that are labeled as a WordAd?

Maybe you have one.

If you’re like me, whenever an ad pops up to interrupt whatever you’re doing online, you look for the fastest way to close, end, exit, getthisthingouttahere, turn it off, block it, why does everything have to have an ad?

But when it comes to these ads and seeing them on your posts, well, those are okay with me and I’ll tell you why.

I set up WordAd for my blog because I can get money back when people click to watch and I thought it might be a good way to earn enough to pay for my domain name and a few custom features that I subscribe to on WordPress.

So after each month, I can see how much I’ve earned.  So far, after several months, less than $20. And this $20 is “pending” because I have to earn $100 in order to receive my payment.  At this rate WordAds might pay for my blogging expenses once every four years or so!

So obviously it’s not a big money-making scheme, but it can be a way to support a blogger. And most of the ads are really clever and humorous or catchy or entertaining! So I’ve taken to watching these ads on blogs I visit because I know it may help that blogger support their writing habit.

You never know what ad will show up on your post!  If you don’t think you’ll like the ad then by all means, don’t bother watching it. But some of them are pretty good and I’m no blogging snob so I can admit to liking some of these—especially the ones that make me laugh.

I’m watching your ads if you have them and I’m asking, “Please watch mine!”


4 thoughts on “And Now For a Word from Our Sponsor

  1. Oh gosh, I never watch ads. I never look at ads. I am SO sorry! Will you forgive me? OK, I will look at your ad now. Just this once. Cuz you’re Patty.

    • Thanks Kathy! For the longest time I had these really cute and funny ads about happy family organics. Now that I posted this I’ve got the Army and automobile commercials that have no cutness or humor whatsoever,

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