Patty’s Pico Di Gallo

Greetings! Writing to you from a place called Far, Far Away. From my kitchen, that is! So I decided to take a look and see what I was up to this time last year and came upon this post featuring–yes–my all-time favorite pickled condiment. Hope you enjoy seeing this if you didn’t read it last year. If you did see it last August, maybe you can tell me how you like to use preserved lemons. (By the way, I noticed they are starting to include preserved lemons at the olive bar in my natural food store. Coolio!)


If I had to name one type of condiment that I love the most, it would be “Anything Pickled!”

I am famous (or maybe that should read “infamous”) in my family for serving up peanut butter, onion and pickle sandwiches.  Not that I’m a big Pickling Aficionado.  I don’t have a pantry lined with pickling crocks and barrels. (Though I drooled over some that I saw in a Williams-Sonoma catalogue this summer!)

I love Mediterranean cuisine and recently discovered a traditional fermented dish, Preserved Lemons.  These are basically pickled lemons and mostly you use the rinds. The directions for making these is here:

These took one month to pickle and the result was outstanding!  I have made many things with my pickled lemon rinds.  I have slivered and added them to salad, I have included them in sauteed escarole with olive oil and garlic.  I enjoyed couscous and garbanzo…

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2 thoughts on “Patty’s Pico Di Gallo

  1. What a timely post to re-read! We are making tomato salsa today. OK, it’s not quite like your recipe, but the smell of tomatoes and cumin and onions and jalapenos is now filling our house! Happy end-of-August, Patty.

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