About Drinking Water

I found this on Pinterest of all places and thought it was an interesting visual display with key data about why we need to drink water.

My own viewpoint is that I should drink when I’m thirsty. That’s fine unless you don’t realize what you’re feeling or experiencing is actually thirst. A few years ago I went on a regimen of drinking more water because I’d moved to such a dry climate. I found out that I was a lot more “thirsty” than I’d realized. Once I started to get enough water, thirst became more easily apparent to me. As a result, I actually do drink when I’m thirsty and am far more aware of when I need more water.

I’m not vouching for the absolute correctness of everything here, but most of it does make sense to me. I do not recommend trying to drink a lot of water before eating so you can feel more full and lose weight. Drinking water before or during a meal can dilute your digestive juices.  Better to include more vegetables, which naturally contain more water, and it is also a good idea to take soup as part of a meal. Also avoid too much hard, dry baked flour products.

Another thing I’ve learned is that your body responds to water like nothing else you drink. Plain water doesn’t stimulate digestion and your body doesn’t have to work much to absorb and use water. Add a slice of lemon, a powdered drink mix or anything else and now you’ve got something that your body treats as something to be digested and that’s a whole different ball game. Not saying to never add anything to water, but just pointing out that there is nothing as beneficial as plain, clean water for drinking. Likewise, teas, coffee, sodas and other beverages are just not the same or equal to drinking water.

I have also learned that your body can only absorb so much water at one time. Four to six ounces or so throughout the day works well and your body can use that efficiently. But don’t try to take gulp down a whole pint or more at a time. It’s just too much to use all at once.

Hope you enjoy looking this over!

About Water

10 thoughts on “About Drinking Water

  1. So interesting, Patty. I drink lots and lots of tea, but not always much water. Wondered if I might be dehydrated but had to do a hospital test one time and they couldn’t believe how hydrated I was. They said they don’t usually see people that hydrated. Must be the fruits & veggies. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this! I have a big problem : I hate the taste of water.. I force myself to drink 2 plain glasses of water a day, but I make up for the rest with lots of herbal tea.I will try to push it to 3 now that I see it makes a difference!

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