14 thoughts on “How to Feel Like a Princess

  1. OMG! I think my sister had that pattern of “Home Ec”!
    My mother also had ‘waist’ aprons and fancy sheer ones for entertaining and the holidays. I have bib ones I use for cooking…my sister bought a practical but whimsical one for me a few Christmases ago. I may just go for fancy ones now!

  2. Patty, my mom used to wear aprons (in fact she still does sometimes) but I have yet to wear one. My daughter went through an apron phase; maybe she’s still in it? I shall email her directly with the news that it’s possible to make a Princess Dress from her lovelies! *grin*

    • I’m thinking the Apron Dress-Up kit would be great for girls who like to use their imaginations. I do wear aprons when I cook – the very practical utilitarian bib kind – but that’s because I’m not very neat . . . well we won’t get into that.

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  4. Patty, I love this post (and your blog – especially your banner, so original and clever). I inherited a lot of aprons from my mother and grandmother and I buy them as well. Aprons are not only practical they can make an outfit. So glad I found you :-).

    • Hello Beth! Thanks for all the good words. I do like to have fun and I’d rather be insouciant than serious. Sounds like you’ve got a great collection of aprons. I think they’d make interesting wall art too.

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  6. Aprons! Who would have thought? I remember my mama and my grandmother’s wearing aprons. I made one in sewing class at high school. I haven’t thought of them since. 🙂

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