Savory Chocolate Insouciance

Wouldn’t you know—these beets have come back to haunt me this Halloween! In a good way. Despite Weird Al and Michael Jackson. Over at blog buddy Jules’ Go Jules Go she’s having a Halloween contest about Frankenfooding. Well then. This beet and chocolate thing should certainly win, don’t you think? So I am reblogging this little monster and maybe Jules will custom carve me a Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween! Want to enter Jules’ contest? Just click on this word “Frankenfood!”


Frankenfood for the Rich and Fabulous

It’s been “Beet Week” around here at My Cooking Life and it’s coming to a close. That’s because I bought exactly three beets and made a commitment to try them three different ways despite the fact that I have never ever liked beets before.

I invited the always entertaining Tom Hanks to come over and coach me, I’m sure I kept you spellbound with the harrowing beet enforcement incident of my childhood, and we tuned in the unforgetable comedy and musical talent of Weird Al and Michael Jackson. I even risked eating raw beet salad and ventured into creating my own gourmet roasted beet salad.

But now it’s time to get totally un-serious.

What is the one ingredient that makes everything else taste much better? The one that changes our outlook on life and gives us the spiritual boost we need? What is the…

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