Morocco: Human Rights Violations Under Article 475

While I am busily packing and moving, I’ve decided to share a few admired blogs from my reader. Human Rights is one of my passions and my first “reblog” is this sobering post from the Human Rights Warrior. What can one person do to help? One can directly assist in any area of the world where human rights violations abound such as this brave lady does. But also—in our own homes, schools, places of work and neighborhoods—we can know and help others to know and stand up for the 30 human rights as laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Information here:

The Human Rights Warrior

Originally published on The Advocates Post

In Morocco, a 15 year old girl experienced constant harassment and threats from a 35 year old man in her town.  He waited for her each day outside of her school and on several occasions told her, “I will force you to marry me.”  One day, he abducted and raped her at knifepoint.  The victim made a complaint to the gendarmes, who arrested the man.  In his statement to the police, the rapist admitted his crime, declaring that he did it “because it was the only way I would be able to marry her.”  In order to avoid scandal, the victim dropped out of school and married him.  “I am raped now every day,” she told members of the local association that works with women survivors of domestic violence.

This tragic story is one of many included in a joint submission The Advocates for…

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