Pretty Things

The forsythia is blooming and the daffies have popped up! What a blessing to see pink and purple flowering trees, patches of floral pastels—even the Queen Anne’s Lace looks beautiful! Why not add some of these pretty colors into your cuisine?

Fresh fruit sauces is one way to go and I have chosen three that can be used to brighten your springtime menu. The first is strawberries!

STRAWBERRY SYRUPStrawberry Syrup on Blueberry Pancakes

I found some gorgeous organic strawberries and sliced four of them. I heated up some brown rice syrup and put just a touch of concentrated organic cherry juice in it to get that bright red color. When the syrup was warmed and loosened up I added the sliced strawberries and let them heat for just about a minute.

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How do you make sure you are getting the right nutrition?


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