Blogging about Blogging

If you’re going to go off on a tangent, go all the way I always say.

I just started blogging in November.  As explained elsewhere, I’d always wanted to write about cooking in a personal way and so I started doing that and I hope you like it!  But the bigger picture is that all my life I have been a writer.  I did freelance work when I was younger and got published in some local and regional papers and mags (Advertising & Communications Times; Delaware Valley Business Journal, Main Line Times; Suburban and Wayne Times; Philadelphia Bulletin; Philadelphia Daily News).

Being a freelance writer, I definitely needed to supplement my income so I was a full time waittress at a fine restaurant.  That could be the subject of a whole other entry about my cooking life experience!  But I got tired of doing that and decided to actually find work that involved writing.  So I decided on Public Relations and after doing a LOT of volunteer PR work to build a portfolio, someone gave me a good reference and I got a job for 8 hours a week assisting an incredibly talented woman named Lissa Reidel who had her own PR firm and had just won a prestigious award for her work.  Thanks to Lissa, I did lots of writing and loved it!  I got more jobs, my own clients–loved the writing part of all of it.

This is me and Lissa.  In about 1977

Fast forward through a few decades.  I love my current work more than anything in the world and they will probably have to carry me out ’cause I’m never leaving.  I do get to write in my current work but it isn’t enough.

And here comes the blogging idea!  I absolutely love it!  It is addicting!  When I posted my first blog, I was intensely proud of it and told everyone about it in every way I could think of.  As other bloggers have said, watching the stats to see how many visitors I had was incredibly exciting.  The more I posted the more I watched and yes, I truly enjoy the attention and thank my friends and family for their kind comments! Especially from my sweet husband who bought me my domain name for Christmas.

What’s even better is the total freedom of being the writer, the editor, the publisher and the marketer of whatever I write.  Oh yes, this week I also became the graphic designer and added photos and some new features to my blog.

And, fortunately or unfortunately, I am my own best fan.  I recently looked at my old portfolio of work from the ’70’s and got some good belly laughs over some of that.  (In the ’70’s some of the topics were “Working Couples” and a story about a guy who, OMG, jogs.)  I liked the way I wrote then and I like what I’m writing now.  Not ashamed to say I sometimes “vote” on my posts and I’m extremely generous to myself.

So blogging has it all.  It’s just right for me and I’m having so much fun.  In fact I like it so much that I’ve also become very interested in reading other blogs and have found some excellent ones.  I would say that if you want to be on the cutting edge of art, expression, great writing, great photos etc., read today’s bloggers!  Libraries and book stores are wonderful, but Blogging is where it’s at!


Just as I was finishing up this post, I decided to embellish it with a photo and maybe some links.  I thought, “I wonder what Lissa is doing now?  Wonder if I could find her?  Maybe she has a business and I could link to that!”  So I “googled” her and I did find her!  If the site I found is the same Lissa, she is still in the field of writing and marketing.  (Folio One Limited)

AND she lives only an hour from me!!!  Unbelievable!  One of the last times I saw her we worked together in Philadelphia and she left to take a one-year world travel tour. With all the moving around the U.S. I have done, here we are, both landed in the same state. I have sent her a message and I’m so excited that I might have an opportunity to re-connect with one of the people who encouraged me the most in my early writing days.

Who would’ve guessed it all comes from Blogging?

23 thoughts on “Blogging about Blogging

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Completely addictive but it doesn’t have calories, won’t mess up your liver and doesn’t stink up your clothes with smoke. Unless, like me, you’ve sat for around eight weeks revelling in the freedom of the first-time blogger, taking meals, having a glass and some cigs and barely taking time for a toilet break. I knew I had an addictive personality but this is just ridiculous!x

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  3. I’ve been blogging for 2 months now and I’ve met some of the nicest people. You included. It really is an addiction. A good one for a change! Thank you for commenting on my post about my son. Now I’m a fan of yours. I love your writing.

  4. Love the photo. What did we do before blogging? Oh I know – made sure we had a perm or rollers in for the right curl in the 70’s 🙂 D 34. Thanks for gropping by my blog 🙂 D 34

  5. So glad you joined the blogging world – it really is a WONDERFUL community here at WordPress, isn’t it?! And it certainly opens doors to connections we’d never make otherwise.

    P.S. – My hub bought my domain as a gift, too! (An anniversary gift last year.)

  6. Hi Patty, I love reading your stuff! Keep up the good work and who knows where it might lead. Looking forward to hearing about your connection with Lissa.

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