Where Do We Go From Here?

Have you found that one blogging topic leads to another, and another, and another?  It is sure working that way for me right now!  Plus I am getting great comments that are giving me clues on what direction to go.

So this is a blog for my blogging buddies and friends who read my “output” here because I’d like some ‘input.”  I think I’ve just about exhausted what I wanted to say about sugar (maybe I’m sugared out for now.) and I found that the topic has naturally evolved into one about refined flour products vs whole grains which I’ve also written about.

While I was on a label-reading excursion at my natural food store, I noticed some other ingredients on the labels that I realized I don’t really know much about.  That might be a good topic.  Do you think so?  I could write about other ingredients that sound okay but then again, who knows?  Like annatto, palmitate or glutamic acid which my blogging friend mentioned in comments.

Emmeline Pankhurst addresses a crowd in New Yo...

Emmeline Pankhurst addresses a crowd in New York City in 1913 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sugar topic has also spurred me on to write about a topic I’m extremely passionate about having to do with the massive plague of prescribed psychotropic drugging that is going on and the fact that there are alternative treatments–including dietary changes like getting off sugar–that are rarely discussed and definitely suppressed by those with vested interests in drugging people instead . . . [Okay, Patty.  Step away from the soapbox.]

Well . . . I’m going to prepare for this one and not just deliver an on-the-spot rant because this is actually an extremely important topic that affects each and every one of us whether we personally are “diagnosed” with a mental disorder or not . . . [Oops!  There she goes again. . . someone distract her, please!]

And, just to show you how my mind works (or doesn’t work might be the way to say it) I am also getting ready to show you some more salads you may not have seen before.

I have no idea if one is supposed to write a blog like this.  I guess it’s a sort of test run or “trailer” of potential blogs and now that I’ve written it I’m just going to press “publish” after I ask you all to please let me know what interests you the most!

  • Ingredients that don’t sound like food?
  • Alternative/Dietary approaches to mental distress?
  • Salads?
  • Something else you’d like to read about?

I Love Meeting New Friends

A flower from a bouquet at the Eastern Market ...

A flower from a bouquet at the Eastern Market in DC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My love affair with blogging continues .  The other day I hit a highest ever number of viewers for my post.  I got 139 views which is nearly a 12% increase over my previous highest ever.  (Did I actually just calculate the percent of increase?  Boy!  I’d better get outside and do something not involving a computer screen.  I don’t wanna turn into a geek!)

But that wasn’t all that happened that day.  I also got my highest number of “likes” and my highest by far number of comments and I got more followers, too.  Don’t worry–I didn’t calculate any more percentages.  Yet.

And that map they give you on the stats page?  Love, love, love it! I have traveled but I’m not what you would call a “world traveler.”  I am fascinated when I see there are people from Bosnia, Japan, Serbia–really?  Serbia?–who are clicking their mouses to read my words.  That map the other day had a long list of nations colored in.  I think it’s fair to say I’ve gone International!

That is fantastic!  I love getting comments!  I love “meeting” and “talking” to new friends and I found a bunch more bloggers that I want to follow too.  In fact, I visited many of you that same day.  Thank you so very much for taking the time to stroll over to my blog and stay a while.  Thank you for taking the time to say something and help make the post much more interesting than if it was just me talking.

I love that blogging brings us together no matter where we live and what else is going on in our lives!  Blogging cuts through a lot of complications and barriers and lets us simply communicate and be heard, even around the world.

This is very encouraging!

The Hunger Games – Not Exactly a “Foodie Movie”

I love movies that include a food and cooking theme!  Just ask my husband.  He’ll tell you about my food-and-cooking movie recommendations:  Ratattouie, Pieces of April, No Reservations, Chocolat, Like Water for Chocolate, etc.  There are lots more than these.

And having not gone to any movies in an actual movie theater for some months, I thought the movie The Hunger Games would be great to see.  And it was!  But not because it fits right in with the other food-and-cooking movies.  Not at all.

We did go see The Hunger Games a couple weeks ago and really loved it and I wanted to write about it.  It’s just not a “fit” for this blog though.  After all, even though I often write all over the map in terms of subjects, in my twisted universe the posts somehow fit in.  But what I loved about The Hunger Games is something I thought deserved its own venue.

So I invite you to check out a new blog I created for just this sort of not-really-related-to-food-and cooking-but-I still-have-an-opinion-about-it-and-after-all-why-shouldn’t-I-express-that topic.  The blog is called “That’s Just Me . . . What Do You Think?” and it can be found at http://www.reviewsviewsandopinions.blogspot.com.  The link is conveniently located to your right in the “good writers” category.  (I know that is shameless self-promotion.)  I also published a review of this movie in Street Articles called, “The Hunger Games:  Ten Reasons I Liked This Movie.”  You can link to that from the That’s Just Me . . . blog.

Ten Embarrassing Things I Could Blog About But Didn’t

10.  All my blogs are not as fresh as they may seem.  Some of them are written ahead of time on my day off and put into the freezer for later use.  They are “fresh-frozen” as they say.

9.  My sister’s annual April Fool’s Day joke: “Hey, Patty!  You have a spider on your head!”  Some April Fool’s jokes are easy to tell, some you can’t be so sure about . . .

8.  Burning water.  Wait, I did mention that at least once in a blog.  Sigh.

7.  Temporarily forgetting one of my son’s middle name.  But I remember now . . .

6.  Will write for food/money/fame/attention/glory/peanuts/smileys/or no reason at all.

5. The first annual pair of birthday socks I’m knitting for another son and the two plus years it’s taking me to finish them.

4.  There’s nothing wrong with blogging about healthy foods and cooking and having that be the inspiration to eat healthier foods and cook more . . . right?

3.  How unfortunate it is to have Easter and April Fool’s Day on the same day but luckily I now realize Easter is next week.

2.  Joining Twitter but feeling like a Twit because I can’t think of anything to say that someone needs to know right away like that.

1.  Intending to take down the Christmas decorations on April Fool’s Day.  (“I just wasn’t done enjoying Christmas!”)

You Know You’re Hardcore if . . .

You know you’re hardcore if . . .

You write a new post for your blog first thing in the morning and you haven’t even had your coffee yet.

You spend your time blogging about something that you no longer have time to do because you’re too busy blogging.

Your blog-writing style starts showing up in say, reports you write at work.

You sit and chuckle over and over again at some funny phrase you wrote in your blog that only you understand to be funny and no one else will probably ever even break a slight grin about . . . and that’s okay with you.

You can masterfully turn any conversation into an opportunity to tell the other person all about your blog and give them the address, then you marvel at how easy this is to do compared to anything that would actually earn you money.

You’re always dreaming up new posts for your blog–no, really dreaming them in your sleep.

Your best advice to anyone you talk to is, “Start a blog!”


What’s your definition of hardcore?

Over 500 Served

Never thought I’d see the day when I had something in common with a fast food joint!

Being new to the blogging world, I’m fascinated by the way communication gets around on the Internet and how people manage to find each other despite the impossible enormity of choices to be made while surfing it.  Lucky for me, in addition to some family and friends who generously agree to read what I have to offer, there are people I don’t even know reading this blog.

Thank You!!!  You make my day because I believe communication is right up there with air, water, food and shelter when it comes to survival as a human being on this planet. We humans looooove to communicate!  I’m pleased to see there is someone to communicate with and I will take the responsibility of continuing to write–for me and for you–so we can have this venue to get to know each other. (And speaking of food, I do plan to get down to business with that.  After all, this is about life and cooking.)

And I can now say that I’ve served over 500!  Just like McYou-Know-Who when they were just starting out.

Much Love, Patty

Everything Has Not Already Been Said

I discovered a new plus-side to my competitive spirit.

I’m a competitive person.  I don’t express this in the area of sports particularly, but I sure do love a game!  And I play to win. (Is there any other way?)  I’m a very friendly competitor and I enjoy playing with people who also appreciate good game-playing.

Funny, as a person who loves cooking I’ve never directed my impulse toward competing in anything like a bake-off, a cooking contest, a recipe contest, a hot dog/watermelon/pie eating contest.  Nothing like that.

I had a game called “Stump the Cashier.”  This is where I would go to a food store and buy produce and see if the cashier knows the name of the vegetable I’m buying.  This used to be a better game before everything came with bar-coded labels glued right to the food item.  Once in a while I can still stump someone if there’s no label or if they’re interested enough to ask what something is.

The problem was, it was a game only I knew about and the unfortunate cashiers were never in on the rules.  That’s not really a game! I would try to educate them about what the vegetable is and how I prepare it if they wanted to know.  But they never knew that while putting my items on the counter for checkout I was thinking, “Can I stump the cashier with this daikon radish?”

So petty.

Then there’s the whole blogging game which could be viewed as a competition about stats and how many hits your blog gets and if you got “Freshly Pressed.”  Don’t get me wrong – I would love to be “discovered” sipping an ice cream soda on my corner of WordPress City and get Freshly Pressed. And I admit, I check my stats daily–just to see.  This definitely stems from my competitive side.  Even if it’s only me competing with myself.

I read almost all the Freshly Pressed blogs and usually it is quite obvious why they achieved that status.  They’re usually excellent work and they well deserve the acknowledgement.  I would like to be one of those.

So you bloggers all know that there are techniques for getting more hits such as visiting other blogs and posting comments and publicizing your blog on social networks, yada yada yada.  Competitive me has been doing that and I am getting more hits, a few more comments, a few more followers. Yay me!

But I discovered while doing this that there are many, many wonderful blogs to read and so many talented bloggers who are great writers, great photographers and more.  The more blogs I read, the more I have realized that reading blogs is a great way to keep your “finger on the pulse” of the world and the diverse viewpoints out there.

I am an extremely busy person and though I love to read, my personal hardcopy reading time is very limited to only a few minutes a day or less.  I am still working my way through David McCullough’s The Greater Journey that I bought when it came out last May.  But reading blogs is quick and short and I follow quite a few of them.  This is now one of my favorite forms of entertainment!

Some of the best reading available is on blog sites!  Some of the best humor, insight, adventure stories, “drama,” –whatever you’re looking for.  You are usually getting these stories direct from the person experiencing them, too. And, when you exchange comments, it’s interactive.  For me, as far as home entertainment goes, this beats television and a lot of other things by a mile.  I’m even starting to make blog friendships which I love doing.

Blogs do not take months to publish.  They are up-to-the-minute expressions of what’s going on.  So I say, if you want to get in some great reading and be entertained, read blogs.  If you want to be at the top of your game with what people are talking about, thinking about, concerned about, etc., read blogs.  If you want some fuel for your own creative endeavors, read blogs.  If you want to reassure yourself that yes, there are brand new ideas and no, everything has not already been said, read blogs. If you simply want a cache of fascinating topics to bring up at your next party, read blogs.

Some of you might be thinking, “What century has this woman been living in?”  Maybe you have been genned in to blogs and blogging for years.  But for me it is new and I’m enjoying the hell out of it.  No doubt this is the WordPress strategy and it works for me.

And yes I am writing, commenting, “liking,” social networking and stat checking.  But I’m also admiring.

Much Love, Patty