Bright and Sunny This Morning, Heavy Clouds and Possible Chance of Cannibalism Later Today

Human genes engineered into experimental GMO rice being grown in Kansas  

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This is the Natural News headline I found in my email box this morning.  I was still feeling kinda warm and glowy about getting a nice acknowledgement/award from a fellow blogger yesterday.  But it’s back to business for me today.

I have so many concerns about this that I can’t keep count.  The first one is that now I’m going to need to track down the source of this information and find out if it is just the rantings of the merchants of chaos or does it have some basis in truth?


gmo (Photo credit: decorat)

Then if there is any truth to it, well, obviously there are lots of concerns such as the fact that plants and crops don’t keep to themselves exactly.  The wind blows—things fly through the air—mix around—and get into other plants and crops.  I have seen quite a bit recently about “traces of GMO” in non-GMO foods.

There is the fact that currently the FDA doesn’t make food manufacturers label their products GMO.  Supposedly organic food would not be GMO but what if the organic farm is downwind from this place in Kansas?

I worry about the children who will eat this stuff and the mothers and fathers who will eat it and then produce children.  And then of course there’s the whole idea of some sort of cannabalism and that is a disturbing thought.  Who comes up with the idea to do something like this in the first place?

That is what I want to know.

A Bandwagon Worth Jumping On

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In case you don’t know, food producers are not required to tell us if our food has been genetically modified.

This past weekend, I went into my local health food store and asked about some tomatoes that looked awfully red and good for this time of year.  The produce manager didn’t know.  He said they have no way to be sure if something is GMO‘d.  Then he did his best to convince me that it “probably wasn’t GMO’d.”
This is wrong.  We have a right to know.  So thanks to Goldmine Natural Food Company, I was informed of this petition to the FDA:
“A petition has been filed with FDA calling for labels on food that have been genetically engineered. More than 500,000 Americans have already submitted comments in support of the petition, but we are not done yet! Let your voice be heard. Please take a moment to submit your support for the petition.”

Americans have the right to know what’s in their food. Tell the FDA to label GMO food. Also, if you haven’t seen it already, I recommend reading my post from January 23rd, “What’s Good Enough to Eat?” and watching the video linked at the end for a basic understanding of the subject.