With chopsticks, all food is finger food!

When you eat with chopsticks, it’s like eating with your fingers except the fingers have extensions.  The best ones are wooden chopsticks because a wooden utensil is easier to control and doesn’t interfere with the overall perceptions of the foods like a metal or plastic utensil.  Food clings to a wooden chopstick better.

English: Use of chopsticks (animation)

Practice makes perfect! (Image via Wikipedia)

Any bit of food can be picked up with a chopstick!  A grain of rice.  A bean.  A thin sliver of onion.  Chopsticks are not just for eating Asian cuisine, they are for all the time!  Even spaghetti is easier to eat with chopsticks if you know how.  They are so much better to eat with than the usual shovels and so much neater.  There’s no chasing around the last bite of dinner with chopsticks.  Chopsticks nail it!

Chopsticks are also great for cooking.  Stir fry with them, of course.  Also you can dip, flip, turn, fry, dredge, stir, pull things out of boiling water and serve the food–all with chopsticks.  Amazing!  The rule for cooking and eating with chopsticks is that the food can’t be too big.  It needs to be reasonably small enough to pick up.  You would not pick up an 8 oz steak with chopsticks, (well, you could but probably shouldn’t at the table) but you could pick up slices or bitesize pieces.

I’ve been eating almost everything with chopsticks for 35 years.  With chopsticks, all food is finger food!

Much love, Patty

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