The End of An Era

I was watching the television show “America’s Test Kitchen” and they were reviewing measuring cups when they announced shocking news:  Pyrex glass measuring cups are DISCONTINUED!!!!!

Maybe this isn’t news to you, but it was to me.  I can’t believe it!  This is such a staple utensil for any kitchen and such an excellent measuring cup.  I still have one of these but I decided to go on a search for a few more.  Maybe they will become a collector’s item.  But mostly I just want to have them to use for years to come.

English: A measuring cup purchased in the Unit...

A measuring cup purchased in the United States circa 1980, showing both metric and U. S. Customary graduations.  Copyright ©2006 by Daniel P. B. Smith and released under the GFDL. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A bit of history–according to Wikipedia, Pyrex tempered glass measuring cups were first introduced by Corning in 1915. Corning discontinued manufacturing them but licensed the name “Pyrex” to a new company they formed in 1998 called World Kitchen, LLC who is still making the “Pyrex” measuring cup.  But . . . they are using a different type of glass that is cheaper to make and per Wikipedia, has less heat-resistance and can shatter because of it.  There are also other manufacturers licensed to use the name “Pyrex.”

C’est la vie.

What made these simple glass measuring cups so good?  They were sturdy and didn’t break easily, they were a good deal for the price, and they measured really accurately!  I use mine so much, I never seem to put it away.  It sits on my counter next to salt, pepper and my oil brush.

If you are also in search of Corning Ware Pyrex glass measuring cups you will have to look carefully to be sure you are getting the original.  So far I found plenty of “Pyrex”-named cups that definitely aren’t the original.  So I’m off to my thrift store circuit this weekend!