Un-invent the DSM

Today’s Daily Prompt challenges us to write about something we’d like to un-invent: If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

This is my opening to bring up a subject that will probably become a series of posts about how we can enhance our mental health using nutrition and other alternatives to psychotropic drugs.

The subject of psychiatry, in fact, is so insidious that my personal challenge today will be to stick just to the topic at hand. Psychiatry is a deep cesspool in which one can get easily drawn down, down, down.

So what do I think should be un-invented? The DSM! This stands for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and it is an invention in the most literal sense of the word. Currently volume four, known as DSM-IV, is the psychiatric “billing bible” filled with 374 so-called mental disorders which one can be “diagnosed” with and then billed for.

My wife reading in bed. And it wasn't because ...

More horror-filled than a good Stephen King novel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Presented as a mental health compendium by the American Psychiatric Association containing all the possible problems a human being can encounter for which he or she should be given mind-altering drugs, there are not many–other than those who fill their pockets by using such pretense–who don’t immediately recognize the sheer nonsense of such “disorders:”

  • mathematics disorder (thank god for calculators so I can keep my “mental illness” hidden)
  • oppositional defiance disorder (all teens are afflicted with this)
  • reading disorder (amazing that the answer is drugs, not learning to read)

And all us bloggers and artists and writers have to be extremely careful not to reveal our particular “mental illnesses:”

  • disorder of writen  written expression
  • caffeine intoxication disorder (I think mine should be called inadequate caffeine intake disorder)

And if you are the type of person who wants to take matters into your own hands rather than accept a prescription cocktail of mind-altering drugs, you certainly must have

  • non-compliance with treatment disorder

If you are chuckling and wondering how I thought up these clever little bits of humor, think again. Your stand-up comedians of the day are the members of the American Psychiatric Association. Here’s what one critic, Canadian psychologist Tana Dineen, says about how so-called psychiatric disorders come into existence:

“Unlike medical diagnoses that convey a probable cause, appropriate treatment and likely prognosis, the disorders listed in DSM-IV are terms arrived at through peer consensus. . ”

That’s right! They raise their hands and vote on this stuff at their conventions and meetings. Did you think the field of psychiatry was based on medical science? 

Think again.

And so we have 20,000,000 children in the world being diagnosed with mental illness and their parents being told they have one or more of these so-called “disorders.” Many are told their children have “learning disorders” caused by “chemical brain imbalance.” NONE of the parents are shown any test results because no tests are done.  There are no tests. Just your sneering smiling psych and his minions, drooling over the money they will receive for putting the children on drugs that only have a long list of horrific side effects including suicidal and homicidal ideation.

And speaking of horror, the new version of the DSM–the DSM-V–is just around the corner about to be published. According to the dear APA, we have unfortunately developed dozens and dozens of new “disorders” which they will gladly fix for us. So many more of life’s every problem will now be a mental illness that can be drugged and billed for.

Really? We are supposed to take these people seriously? Yikes! Watch out, bloggers! The new DSM-V says that spending too much time on the Internet is now a “mental illness!”

It all sounds very “scientific” in the DSM but there’s not a shred of science in it. The DSM is the biggest, most fraudulent piece of junk-science and pseudo-medicine known to man.

So the next time you or your child are “diagnosed” and told the only answer is mind-altering drugs or you are told your child has a chemical brain imbalance and should be labeled ADHD, just say these two words:

“Prove It!”

And here’s a link to my friend Chill E B’s music video to help you understand.

P.S. A few of the repercussions of Un-inventing the DSM:

  1. Opens the door to real solutions for people’s problems instead of masking them with mind-altering drugs and never resolving the actual problem.
  2. Fewer school-shootings, mass homicide/suicides and bizarre killings.
  3. Drastic reduction in zombie-like children and adults.
  4. Fewer kids addicted to drugs by being put on psychiatric “medicine” that is a Class 2 narcotic in the same category as cocaine.
  5. Billions of government dollars used for something constructive instead of something destructive.
  6. Less social chaos caused by greedy, lying bas I mean less social confusion caused by those harming people in the name of “help.”