A Date With Chocolate

You might have noticed I missed the April entry of my Dark Chocolate Mousse quest. I was such a FOOL! (An April one, that is) April came and went so fast. (excuse #1) And I was debating if I really wanted to include any more sugar and dairy laden mousses on my blog. (excuse #2) And besides that I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted to lay any more eggs into my desserts. (excuse #3) Not to mention April only has 30 days so I was gypped! (excuse #4) And I got freaked out thinking I still had a lot of months to go on this mousse quest thing and wanted to be more inspired before I posted another one. (excuse #5)

You know, when I started this whole mousse thing I truly had never made such a dessert before from scratch and because I think dark chocolate mousse is so, so very delicious, I assumed it was also complex.  But it really is not complicated at all. It takes more time to clean up the pots, pans, bowls and spoons from making mousse than it does to construct it. (And of course, it takes no time at all to inhale eat the mousse.)

But then spring fever hit me! The sultry perfume of the Russian olive trees wafting through the air, the emergence of flowers, leaves on trees, the warm breezes in the afternoon and the sharp smell of a light sprinkle of rain on an otherwise dry New Mexico day.

Love and romance are calling my name. So I made a date with chocolate

No really! Chocolate Mousse with dates as the sweetener. And tofu. You can’t get more veganiciously romantic than that! And guess what? This is by far the simplest and fastest mousse yet! And as a bonus–there will be hardly anything to wash afterwards!

The only caveat will be . . . . How will it taste?  I mean, this is a pretty dramatically different mousse recipie—tofu as a base and dates as the sweetener!

I went to a favorite standby website for the recipe, Christina Cooks.com, for her incredibly simple recipe. There are just four ingredients: silken tofu, 100% cocoa powder, medjool dates and pure vanilla extract—plus I added a little cinnamon.  You blend it all up and you’ve got yourself a dreamy, creamy chocolate mousse and only one blender or food processor to wash!

Mine came out way too thick at first and I added more tofu to get the right consistency. I would suggest having an extra container of silken tofu around just in case. When I added the extra tofu, everything blended up nicely. However the extra tofu reduced the proportion of cocoa and the outcome was a little less chocolatey than usual. I’m going to have to work on that adjustment.

I decked our mousse out with some raspberries and lit a romantic, naturally scented candle.  Ooooo La La! A Date with Chocolate!

A candlelit date with - sigh - chocolate! How romantical can you get?

A candlelit date with – sigh – chocolate! How romantical can you get?